Steven Ayer, President

September 2018

I have recently returned to consulting after a 5-year hiatus.

I will be updating this website in October, but please see for my recent experiences.

I am currently working for Imagine Canada on a report on the State of Community Investment in Canada slated for release in December 2018. If you have any interest in the project, please reach out to me on LinkedIn!

As President of Common Good Strategies, Steven enjoys working with clients on a wide range of issues affecting Canadians. Current non-profit projects include market analysis, program evaluation, fund development strategy, and data strategy.

Steven was Chair of the board of directors at Endeavour Volunteer Consulting for Non-profits, a registered Canadian charity that provides management consulting to improve organizational capacity and community impact.

Steve holds an MBA from Laurentian University and is a recipient of the Social Science and Humanities Research Council’s Canada Graduate Scholarship. In his spare time, Steve is an enthusiastic volunteer with many great causes and an equally enthusiastic, mediocre athlete.

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